The Top 5 Bitcoin Crypto Credit and Debit Cards

The Emerging Crypto Cards to Consider

As the race for Bitcoin credit and debit cards intensifies, we explore the top Bitcoin cryptocurrency credit and debit card options.

With demand increasing and waiting lists getting longer, get yourself on the list, using the links below.

1. BlockFi — The 1st Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

Causing tidal waves, Visa announced the coming of a first of its kind, Bitcoin Rewards card.

Along with tech company BlockFi, Visa will release their Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card to U.S. residents in all states except New York, later in 2021.

If you are into cryptocurrencies, collecting credit card rewards in BTC instead of miles or points becomes extremely attractive.

Issued by Evolve Bank and Deserve, the pair are additional card technology and program management partners.

BlockFi credit cardholders earn 1.5% cashback across purchases, automatically converting to Bitcoin, and transferring into their BlockFi account.

Considered a standard crypto funding, Bitcoin earned from card transactions can be withdrawn, earn interest, traded, or used as crypto-backed loan collateral.

With a $200 annual fee, Bitcoin rewards cardholders receive $250 in Bitcoin after spending $3,000 on their card in the first three months.

Yet to be disclosed are other details, such as foreign transaction fees and APR.

Join the BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card waitlist now.

2. Nexo Debit Card

Supporting 17 cryptocurrencies, the Nexo card is another zero fee option for borrowers on their benchmark lending platform.

The Nexo Mastercard provides 2% in cashback rewards, allowing for true spendable cryptocurrency.

The Nexo app comes with features such as single-tap card freezing and instant transaction notifications.

A virtual Nexo card option also allows for safer online shopping.

The most overlooked Nexo card “reward” is the tax benefit of borrowing against your crypto assets instead of selling your cryptocurrency for cash.

Many in the cryptocurrency space have not yet realized the potential value of tax-free loans.

Join the Nexo card waiting list.

3. BitPay MasterCard — The Easy Low Cost Debit Card

With zero conversion fees, BitPay allows you to reload your debit card from your crypto wallet

The BitPay Card is a widely accepted debit card for both purchases and ATM withdrawals

Charging a $10 card issue fee, a 90-day inactivity fee, and a 3% foreign transaction fee, the BitPay Prepaid Mastercard is an easy-to-use and low-cost pre-paid debit card.

To access the BitPay card, one must move crypto into their BitPay wallet.

From their BitPay wallet, one can convert cryptocurrencies into dollars.

While there might be conversion and transfer network fees, BitPay will not charge fees for these transactions.

Get the BitPay debit card now.

4. The Coinbase Card Visa — High daily spending limit

The Coinbase Visa debit card converts 9 cryptocurrencies to cash for purchases and ATM withdrawals.

With high-cost fees for non-U.S. users, the Coinbase card is available to Coinbase users in all US states except Hawaii.

Coinbase offers two reward options on purchases while allowing a ₤10,000 daily purchase limit and ₤500 for ATM withdrawals for international users.

The daily spending limit is $2,500 and $1,000 for ATM withdrawals for USA users.

The Coinbase card comes with a variety of fees, with exorbitant costs for non-US users.

5. Which is the Crypto Debit and Credit Card You Want?

Please tell me the card you want in the comments below.

Final Conclusions

While there are other many card options such as Paxful, Wirex, Paycent. Binance, Celcius, Gemini, Crypterium, Fold, I feel most everyone in crypto will eventually have a crypto debit and credit card.

Your Friend in Prosperity,

Ross Jonese

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This article is not an offer to provide financial, legal, or tax advice. This article represents an opinion, as you should not rely upon this subjective opinion, instead of your own independent research. All investments pose the risk of loss to the investor, with any investment posing up to 100% loss of investment. Always consult your financial, legal, and tax advisor prior to engaging in any investment. Always do your own research and invest at your own risk with complete awareness and acceptance of all risks. I am choosing to disclose that I have a financial interest in all tokens discussed in my articles.



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