Top 5 Favorite Crypto Research Tools

Token Metrics, Into The Cryptoverse, CryptoQuant, Google Trends, TradingView

In crypto, you always hear, “Do Your Own Research.”

But what does this mean when we see DYOR?

Are there any crypto tools for more effective research?

I’m glad you asked because that is today’s topic.

These are some of the best tips provided by our community.

Let’s look at favorite research tools for informed buying and selling decisions.

1. Token Metrics: (For Individual Asset Analysis Like a Pro)

Recently featured on the top crypto people to follow, Token Metrics offers cryptos’ most comprehensive analysis platform.

Their analysis system is a tool we use, offering access to real-time analysis custom tailored to one’s individual strategy and goals.

Every industry has its “benchmark,” setting the industry standard, and we feel Token Metrics carries this flag.

Through the constantly improving Token Metrics AI, an array of valuable predictive analytics is just a few clicks away.

Whether looking for the best swing trade, or long-term hold, get Token Metrics right NOW!

2. Into The Cryptoverse: (For Risk Management)

Also featured on our favorite crypto influencers, this excel sheet-based analytics provides superior crypto risk analysis.

Using proprietary metrics, Ben Cowen, PhD, and his Into the Cryptoverse Membership empowers one to make informed decisions based on buying when the risk is low, and selling when the risk is high.

In stressing no one can time the market, instead Ben delivers a non-emotional lens to see the market.

Devoid of emotions, one can consider risk-adjusted returns through analysis tailored to their own risk tolerance.

Using realistic assessments based on technical analysis, and large caps only, the Into the Cryptoverse membership allows one to zone in on the blue chips more than ever before.

3. Crypto Quant: (For Overall Market Sentiment)

As no one can time the market per se, it’s helpful to know when the market sentiment shifts.

We need to be reminded of the famous Warren Buffett quote on not following the herd.

And while this is not a perfect model, it can be very useful much more often than not to understand the public market opinion. looks at the general market sentiment before pulling that once-awaited trigger.

If the market is trending down, your token might as well.

Their site and powerful Telegram alert channel give you “Whale Alerts,” tipping you off sometimes a couple of days ahead of a monster dump.

4. Google Crypto Trends: (For Measuring Community Support)

In the screenshot above, you can see we compare Ethereum vs DOT vs Cardano in terms of community followers.

Google trend is a valuable tool, showing what type of interest is supporting a project.

Clearly, you can see the value lies in comparing competitors.

The relative worth of analyzing competitors can reveal invaluable insight supporting whether an asset can capture momentum.

5. Trading View: (For Following Big Daddy Bitcoin and Others)

If you want to know what could happen to your coin, you’ve got to Follow Big Daddy Bitcoin.

TradingView has some of the best charts and analyses on Bitcoin and other assets.

An essential investor tool, Trading View allows for the real-time charting and tracking of all listed assets.

Final Conclusions

I want to know what YOU think?

What is your favorite crypto research tool?

Your Friend in Prosperity,

Ross Jones

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This article is not an offer to provide financial, legal, or tax advice. This article represents an opinion, as you should not rely upon this subjective opinion, instead of your own independent research. All investments pose the risk of loss to the investor, with any investment posing up to 100% loss of investment. Always consult your financial, legal, and tax advisor prior to engaging in any investment. Always do your own research and invest at your own risk with complete awareness and acceptance of all risks. I am choosing to disclose that I have a financial interest in all tokens discussed in my articles.



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